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Following are the comments and feed back from our customers.

All image links go to original painting. If you want to see our finished paintings, please go to Finished Samples.

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Arrived, and very satisfied with it. Happy Holidays! 

Estela O'L - Texas
Finished Painting - George Stubbs' "Fino and Tiny"
I have received painting and I meant to e-mail you but have not had a chance with the holidays. It was FABULOUS! I could not believe how perfect it turned out. You all are amazing and I will definitely be using and recommending your services. Thank you SO SO much!

Enyinne - Denver, CO
Finished painting - Degas' Melancholy
Received the painting. Tell the artist nice job and nice choice on the frame. Thank you.

Ross Z. - NY 
Finished painting - Portrait from Photo (3rd order in last two years)
I received my painting today. I am speechless. Wow! Great work. My commendations to the Artist. Thank You.

Julio M. - Davie, FL, USA
Finished painting: "The Canon Shot" by Willem van Velde, The Younger 
I Recieved the poster last week. I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. Everything is great. It looks perfect. Thank you.

Jonathan O. - Lakewood CO, USA
I received my painting Saturday. My only regret is not getting it early enough Saturday to take it to the framer. I can't wait to get framed and in its new home. Thanks!

Ann B. - GA, USA
We received the painting on Wednesday and we love it. More orders to follow after a trip to Europe this fall.
Great Job. Satisfied customer.

Denise M. - Tucosn, AZ
I received the painting this weekend and it looks great. I am sure we will enjoy this as much as we have enjoyed a painting you sent us a couple of years ago. Thank you for handling this for us. I am sure we will be placing more orders with you in the future. Sincerely yours, 

Clay A. - Houston, TX, USA
Finished painting - Van Gogh's "Starry Night over the Rhone"
I received the painting yesterday and let me tell you, it is absolutely fabulous. The quality of the canvas, colors and brushstrokes are simply wonderful. My financee and I could not be happier with this purchase. I would say it is a safe bet we will be ordering from you again.
I have already referred your company to several friends and business associates. We are completely satisfied with your high-quality product and high level of service. Regards.

Greg C. - Pittsburgh, PA
My two paintings arrived today. The Gaughgan is excellent. Have placed an order for two more today.

Mrs J Kelly - England
6/15/2003 1:59:56 AM
Many thanks for the excellent copy of Canaletto's "Grand Canal looking South-West". It is finally framed and in the intended room, where it provides a marvellous focal point. I will recommend your services without hesitation and would even be willing for any prospective customers in my area of the UK to view the painting by prior appointment.
Thanks again for an excellent service.

Yours sincerely
Nigel A. - Horsham, England.
The paintings arrived on Friday, May 3rd. They are beautiful! We took them immediately to a local frame shop and they will be ready for hanging next Tuesday. We are so excited. Thank you for all of your assistance with our order. We are very pleased! 

Debbie H. - VA, USA 
Finished painting -
1. Renoir: Bouquet in Front of a Mirror;
2. Monet: The Thames Below Westminster;
3. Monet: Boulevard des Capucines.
12/26/2002 7:20:34 AM
My wife and I ordered a large size reproduction of 
Van Beyeren's still life entitled "Crab, Lobster, and Oysters." We are very pleased with the finished product, which now hangs in our dining room and has been admired by our guests during this holiday season. Thank you for your excellent service, high degree of quality, and affordability as well. We will definitely do business with you again in the future!
J. Formoso - Fairfield, CT USA
12/6/2002 8:36:57 AM
Thank you for the beautiful painting ( Van Beyeren) that we recently received. We love it, and hope you pass our thanks and praise along to the artist as well as your entire company for the wonderful, high quality work. 
When we went to the store to get it framed, the owner could not believe how great the quality of the reproduction was! Thank you so much- what a great holiday gift for us! I am sure we will be in touch for future work. 

Jennifer & Juan 
Finished painting - Still Life-Crab
We have received a shipment, the re-production is wonderful, thank you and your collogues for the beautiful art. I am sure we will purchase something more from you later on, as at the moment we are little bit short of space in our current house (I guess shall shift to more bigger flat to buy some more paintings?.... )

Thank you again & good luck in business...

Agnieszka - DUBAI, U.A.E
szka - DUBAI, U.A.E
Finished painting - Flaming June
Our two Renoir paintings arrived safely. We are just as delighted with these paintings as with our Mary Cassatt you did. The 30x40" size is magnificent. Everyone who has seen the paintings are amazed at the quality. 
The artists truly captured the feel of the originals. We have selected beautiful frames and are really enjoying them. Thank you for listening and responding so quickly to all of our specific requests regarding size and color and hues. The artists produced exactly what we talked about. Thank you for such excellent service again. We look forward to doing business again in the future. 

Sue K. - Marietta, GA 

We received the painting today. We were happy with the results. Your painter did a good job at a fair price. Thank you very much. 

Michael G.- Seattle, WA
9/20/2002 11:25:00 AM
I received my painting today and was more than pleasantly surprised. I was astounded at the quality of the painting and its faithfulness to the relatively poor quality print I provided you to work from. I will be a repeat customer.
John Blake - Pauls Valley, OK

Thank you for your follow up. We are having the pictures hung on Friday and are very excited. We will get back to you next week with digital pictures.

We are very pleased with your company and would love to act as a referral testimonial etc.

Talk to you next week.

Bill Boeddiker - The Parker Guest House, SF, CA
The painting arrived today thru the mail.
I am very pleased with the service provided to me. It was a no worry and no hassle transaction. The painting, itself, is beautiful and sure to be admired by company that will view it. I had looked for over a year for a picture to measurements I desired without success, till now. I do think, you have a company that will thrive even more as custom designs are not always so easily found . Please inform those who contributed time to the work on the painting, thank you and what a wonderful job accomplished.

Mrs Pfoutz - Douglas, GA
Finished Painting - Pissarro's "Autumn, Path through the Woods"
The painting is Fabulous! We are immensely pleased with the results. Hats off to your wonderful artist.
jacqueline V. - NY 
Finished Painting - Klimt's Hope
Paint arrived safely, is being streched and framed. It is a very nice reproduction, your staff and artist should be proud of your work. In the next few months I'll will probalbly commission a smaller painting of ...

Neal - CA
Painting received, very nice, pleased with result. You will hear from me again soon. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you.

BOHDAN S.- Standford, CT
Finished painting - Waterhouse's "Psyche Opening The Golden Box"
Today I was able to pick up my painting which arrived in excellent condition at my office in Chicago this week.
I am very pleased with the final result, as well as the customer service you have provided. I may be in touch with you in the future regarding additional orders!

Russell T. - Chicago, IL
Finished painting - Van Gogh's "The Starry Night
Received paintings. Very good!
I would like to order 10 - 15 smaller paintings. 

Thank you, Bob Wells Gallery - KY 
7/6/2002 10:43:35 AM
I was very surprised to have received my painting only days after ordering. But the promptness of the delivery was nothing compared to the beauty and magnificence of the painting itself. Thank you so much.
Alvine Flynn
7/3/2002 7:07:46 AM
I am so very glad to see the the Klimt "Allegorie" I ordered, and absolutly love, is one of the pictures you have chosen to use as a sample of the works you do. I am extremely pleased and have returned to order another piece of art, which you folks do so very well!
James McLaughlin
We received the four paintings yesterday. They are beautiful (my favorite so far). We are very happy with your artists work.
Kim H.- Miami Beach, FL
5/10/2002 2:36:39 PM
I just received my 2nd painting. It is so excellent. The figures are so lifelike and the colors are perfect. I can't wait to order my 3rd. I am saving my money.
Just received the three paintings. They are fabulous as usual.
(Echo and Narcissus, The Fisherman and the Siren, The Accolade)

3/4/2002 6:39:02 PM
We have finally mounted the painting "Creation of Man" on the ceiling of our home theater. It is absolutely breathtaking! I will email a picture later. You do superb work. In fact we have just ordered three other paintings from you. Many Thanks.

Farid G. - Potomac, MD
February 08, 2002
Thank you for the information. The picture just arrived today. It looks great... I will be in contact shortly when I decide on the other pieces from ...

Ross Z. - NY
January 30, 2002
Your painting "The Daughters of Durand-Ruel" was wonderful! Interested in some van Gogh.

Sheldon N.
January 09, 2002
I received my painting of the Empress Eugenie with Maids today.
I am very highly delighted with the result and most particularly with the speed with which you executed the order.
A close friend of mine operates a quality art shop in this town and is very interested in your product. No doubt she will contact you soon using my name as a reference.
December 14, 2001
Painting arrived on Wednesday. It is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. You provide a 
great service. I will make sure to send you the pictures. Thank you

Farid G. - Potomac, MD
Finished painting - Michelangelo Buonarroti's "The Creation Of Adam", 110" X 231"
Sat, 24 Nov 2001
We received our first painting, Mary Cassatt's "Five O'Clock Tea" and it exceeded our expectations! Your artists are truly gifted and have not only captured the feel of Mary Cassatt, but made this painting a truly original piece of art in its own right. Our frame shop was very impressed with the quality of the painting. We have selected the perfect frame and have it hanging in our dining room right now. I really enjoy just Looking at the painting and studying the brush strokes. I can almost imagine Mary Cassatt putting the brush to canvas as I study our copy -- IT IS THAT GOOD!!

Thank you so much for providing this service and at such an affordable price. I plan on making more purchases in the future. I especially look forward to placing my order for my Renoir paintings we spoke about very soon!

Susan K. - GA
Finished Painting - Mary Cassette's "Five O'Clock Tea"
Thu, 25 Oct 2001 
The painting looks beautiful. We are very excited about getting it framed and hung. Thank you again. Your artistry is wonderful and I'm sure we'll enjoy our painting for many years. 

Cheers, Janice M. - Canada
I received the painting and it is absolutely awesome. I will recommend your company to everyone and anyone. The painting looks exactly like the picture I sent you. Congratulations to your artist and a job very well done.

Janel D. - WI 
10/1/2001 5:13:34 PM
Yes, we did receive the painting on Monday. We have been enjoying looking at the painting and are excited to have it framed. I have recommended your firm to several people already. 
We really appreciated the personalized service and attention we received, and the prompt responses to our inquiries about your products. Your attentiveness to all of our questions was definitely a confirmation to us as a consumer that your firm believes in customer satisfaction and this was a factor in our deciding to place our order with Artmall2000. The painting is beautiful.
If we decide to add any other paintings to our home, we will be using Artmall2000.

Mon, Sep. 17, 2001
I have received the painting and would like to extend my gratitude for such an excellent job. I am very pleased with the workmanship performed by your organization and will contact you in the future for further paintings. I also will refer your company to friends and associates.

Shane J. - Washington DC
25 May 2001
I have purchased three paintings from Artmall2000 and have found the company to be very responsive and communicative; very pleasant to do business with. I was completely satisfied with the paintings and highly recommend this company. 

Dee Mc. - Long Grove, IL
22 May 2001 16:21:38

I've had a most satisfying experience. The artist did a fine rendering of the master. Lisa was very responsive in addressing my questions, 
providing a quote for the artwork, and estimating the time it took until I received the painting. In dealing with any company, especially for a first time, the most important question is, would I do business with them again? With ArtMall2000, I intend to order more paintings, as soon as I can narrow my choices.
Harold B. 
17 Apr 2001 18:06:19
We were very happy with the 2 paintings we received a couple of weeks ago. Will you please let me know if they have been shellacked already? 

We would like to order another one. It is a painting by Emile Munier called Contemplation. We would like it to measure 32H X 26W. Let me know if you need more information. 

Dee M.
16 Apr 2001 21:10:25
Thanks for working with me on my logo; it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Dori W. - NC
15 Mar 2001 18:49:08
Thank-you so much for the notice. I will take this to the Post Office, in an attempt to have them not roll this work into my post office box. This will be great. Howzzat work? 

Thanks again.
john m. - CA
11/4/2000 5:49:59 PM


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