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About Artmall2000

What We Do

Artmall2000 provides museum quality oil paintings for art lovers around the world. Most of our products are famous masterpiece reproductions. We also create oil paintings from your favorite photographs. Each of our products is hand painted by a highly skilled artist. Paintings come in any size the customer asks. You can see and feel the brush strokes. It is a real oil painting. Our on-line Gallery and Catalog have a large number of images for you to select. 

Our Artists and Products

All our artists have exceptional knowledge and experience in oil paintings. They know the techniques to paint, and also know the histories and stories behind each painting.

All our oil painting reproductions are 100% hand painted from scratch by experienced artists. Our artists use the same way to paint as the painting was original created. We do not use any computer process techniques. Our artist will restore the original texture and brush strokes according to their experience and understanding. 

The museum quality comes from the eyes, skills, experience, and knowledge of our talented artists. The reproductions will be very close to the original one in subject, detail, color, style, and texture. The color is rich and vibrant.

Most of our products do not include a frame. The painting is shipped rolled in a tube. Customers can use their local frame shop to frame their paintings. They can pick a color and style to match your setting.

Data Security

All order information is secured. confidential data is encrypted at all time. Artmall2000 is committed to protecting our customers and our own confidentiality. Artmall2000 never asks any confidential information through regular email. All our business and emails are conducted through @artmall2000.com.

Your Privacy

We are committed to protect your privacy. We do not sell or share our customer's information in any way. We use the information you provided when placing an order, answering your requests, and informing you the ordering status. Also, we may use your email address to tell you of an upcoming sale or promotion.

Easy Ways to Order
  1. Select painting(s), put into shopping cart, press Order button to check out.
  2. If you already have complete information on the painting you want to order, go directly to Order Form to complete the order.
  3. While you are at Order Form, press Check Out button to submit order. Or print it out and FAX it to us at (815) 301-9175.
  4. Or send your order to:
    Artmall2000, Order
    P.O. Box 230279, 
    Portland, OR 97281-0279 

You will receive a confirmation email after placing an order. We collect the first half of the payment when we process the order. The rest will be charged when we deliver the product.


Most orders can be delivered in about 6 weeks. For more complicated or oversized paintings, deliver time will be longer. During holiday season, deliver time may be affected too. 

Return Policy

Providing high quality products is our goal. We have strict quality control to ensure our customer get the best quality product. Our service is completed only when a customer is totally satisfied. Each painting is custom made for you, and just for you. If the painting is completed, or if you are unsatisfied with the painting, please return painting within 15-day of receiving for 85% refund. (The painting must be in its original condition. Shipping cost and additional service are non-refundable.)

Customer Service

Artmall2000 is dedicated to provide high quality products and superior service. Our artists put a lot of attention to every detail. Our service has a personal touch too. We spend time to search the paintings the customer inquires about, and every answer we provide is as accurate and complete as possible. 

Email email:
Phone Leave message at (815) 301-9175. Normally we return your call in the same day.
FAX (815) 301-9175

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