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Museum quality famous and masterpiece oil painting reproductions.

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Oil Painting Catalog
Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence 
Bierstadt, Albert 
Bouguereau, William 
Cassatt, Mary 
CÚzanne, Paul 
David, JL
Degas, Edgar 
Gauguin, Paul 
Godward, John W.
Klimt, Gustav
Leighton, Edmund Blair
Leighton, Lord Frederic
Manet, Edouard
Monet, Claude
Moran, Thomas
Pissarro, Camille
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel
Russell, Charles M.
Sargent, John Singer
Sisley, Alfred
Toulouse-Lautrec, H
Van Gogh, Vincent
Vermeer, Johannes
Waterhouse, John W
Winterhalter, Franz Xavier
Popular Selections
Still Life 

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Gustav Klimt

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The Kiss.1907-08

The Kiss Detail.1907/08

Allegory of Sculpture

Hope II.1907/08

Hope II Detail.1907/08.

Hygeia Detail from "Medicine"1907

Pallas Athene.1898

Nude Veritas.Detail.1899

Nude Veritas.1899

Beethoven Frieze Central narrow wall (detail): Unchastity,Lust and Gluttony.1902

Serpents I.1904-07

Portrait of Fritza Riedler.1906

Head of a Recumbent Man, Supporting Himself1886-88

Portrait of Mada Primavesi.c. 1912

Joseph Pembauer.1890

Music I.1895

Mermaids (Whitefish).c. 1899

Medicine (composition draft).1897/98

Hope I.1903

Portrait of a Lady (Frau Heymann?)c. 1894

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